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'' An initiative of thought and action
of entrepreneurs from Monaco in Africa..''

Founding Members


Founding Companies:

Martin Maurel Sella, today Rothschild Martin Maurel
Mercure International

CEMA Founding Directors:

Patricia HUSSON  (Ascoma)
Mathieu DIERSTEIN (Ascoma) until February 2018
Frédéric GEERTS (Martin Maurel Sella)
Adnan HOUDROUGE (Mercure International)
Johanna HOUDROUGE-KARRIT (Mercure International)
Denis RUYANT (Sonema)
Pierre-Dominique COCHARD

Hilde HANEUSE-HEYE, (Bluewave) since February 2018

CEMA Founding Members: 

Hervé HUSSON ( Ascoma)
Frédéric PLATINI (ES-KO)

Executive Board 2020 :

Patricia HUSSON, President
Adnan HOUDROUGE, Vice-President
Frédéric GEERTS, Secretary General
Denis RUYANT, Treasurer & Coordinator
Pierre-Dominique COCHARD
Johanna HOUDROUGE-KARRIT, Project Leader


Ascoma is an insurance and reinsurance brokerage family group based in Monaco and present in 23 African countries where it employs more than 500 employees.
Ascoma independently advises its clients and defends their interests with regard to insurance companies and third parties. Ascoma supports its clients in auditing their risks, negotiating the best coverage conditions and the best rates from insurers. Ascoma also sets up their contracts and takes care of the management of claims and their reimbursements in the shortest possible time.
The group is present in Africa for over 60 years where it became the first independent insurance brokerage network. This experience has allowed it to gain an extensive knowledge of local environment and socio-economic structures of each country in which it is established.


ES-KO is an internationally renowned integrated Logistical Support group which has been in operation for more than 65 years, in remote and harsh locations and insecure political environments with inadequate or non-existent infrastructures, to provide emergency response in the context of global peacekeeping and humanitarian aid operations. The Group also provides rapid and effective solutions to the mining, oil & gas industries, and to governmental, commercial and military entities. 
ES-KO, with a culture based on passion for excellence, offers a wide range of products and services to its customers in several business sectors including: 
-Procurement (supply of food and non-food products) and Logistics (storage, transport and in-country distribution).
-Services (catering, housekeeping, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, retail-PX and specialized services).
-Construction from 100-man camps to 25,000 (prefabricated, steel and modular frame bulidings, high tech camps, maintenance and rapid-deployment camps).

Mercure International

“Africa, don’t dream about it, love it “, Adnan Houdrouge.
Inspired by the name of the Roman God of Commerce, Mercure International employs more than 5,000 people and runs around 250 retail stores worldwide, ranging from 50 to 5,000 sq. m under single-brand and multi-brand trade names.
Based in Monaco, we develop franchises, stores and banners, selling and distributing products of various brands in sports, fashion and food departments.
We operate in 17 countries: Europe, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Africa, where we are one of the market leaders in our areas: sports, fashion and food.

Rothschild Martin Maurel (Martin Maurel Sella until 2017)

Rothschild Martin Maurel Monaco is an independent, family-run bank that provides asset management, structuring and private finance services, Global Advisory, Private Equity. It works primarily with owner-directors of major manufacturing and service companies in Africa. Through Rothschild Martin Maurel Monaco Gestion,  one of six companies authorised by the Government of Monaco to create and manage Monegasque mutual funds, it also works with institutional clients.


Sonema is a VSAT integrator and telecommunications service provider. It owns two teleports in France and operates and maintains more than 500 installations in around 50 countries across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Sonema has built a strong reputation for its innovative, high-performance solutions and is a leading player in enterprise networks. It boasts prestigious clients across a wide array of sectors, from financial institutions, energy companies and mining firms to manufacturers, shipping companies and public services.