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Our Actions

Our Actions

Monaco Africa Day: Green and Digital Africa June 29, 2022, Yacht Club de Monaco

At a time of uncertainty, Africa appears to be a major challenge for the future of Europe... The lung of the world with its forests and the importance of its arable land, this continent, which has a first-rate energy potential, also relies on digital technologies to bring its dynamism into the present. The Club des Entrepreneurs Monégasques en Afrique (CEMA), in partnership with the Monaco Economic Board (MEB) and the Fédération des Entreprises Monégasques (FEDEM), would like to introduce the Principality's business leaders to this bold Africa.

On 29th June, a day of conferences and debates "Africa Day" will be dedicated to environmental issues and digital opportunities for a new Africa, addressed by numerous European and African experts. They will discuss "Green Africa" (reforestation, agribusiness, hydropower, oil & mining...) and the impact of digital technologies on Africa's development (ICT, financial services, e-government, e-services). Thus, the guests will discover the full potential of this continent which will have more than 2 billion inhabitants by 2050, 50% of whom will be under 25 years old.
This initiative is supported by the Monegasque authorities as well as by the French Council of Investors in Africa (CIAN), the European Business Council for Africa (EBCAM), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Belgium, Luxembourg, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (CBL ACP). At the media level, Afrique Magazine will be a faithful partner of the event.

CEMA: The twenty Monegasque companies in CEMA and their directors are long-standing and daily players in Africa. They are active in 45 countries on the African continent, which represents a major part, if not the essence of their activity.
By creating CEMA, with the support of the Federation of Monegasque Companies and the Monaco Economic Board, the founding members are first and foremost paying tribute to their longstanding links with Africa, their mutual "DNA"!
Strengthening these links, exchanging experiences, information and good business practices, these are the objectives that presided over the creation of CEMA, in Monaco, in May 2014. More broadly, this initiative for reflection and action by Monaco entrepreneurs in Africa promotes the organisation of bilateral events around leading African personalities who will share their vision of the Africa of tomorrow.
Press contact: lgenevet@creativebusinessdev.fr

20 May 2022. The CEMA at the CBL-ACP General Assembly

Mr. Frédéric GEERTS, President of CEMA and Director of the Belgium-Luxembourg-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CBL-ACP) attended the General Assembly. He was accompanied by Justin HIGHMAN, Deputy Director General of the Monaco Economic Board (MEB) Contrary to public agencies, which are increasingly positioning themselves on a territory, the activities of the CBL-ACP respond to an economic logic directly in line with the needs of Belgian and Luxembourg companies and entrepreneurs. To this end, the Chamber maintains both business and diplomatic 'networks' in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in the entire ACP zone. It will be a place of privileged meetings thanks to the organization of events (lunches, dinners, round tables, seminars, etc.) in honor of personalities of the ACP countries, Europeans and Belgians or meetings dealing with specific themes. These meetings are attended by representatives of the public and private sectors, as well as economic operators from Belgium, Luxembourg and countries in Africa (including North Africa), the Caribbean and the Pacific. During his introductory speech, President Guy BULTYNCK clearly emphasized the strengthening of relations with CEMA and MEB, recalling the excellent economic mission carried out at the Port of Antwerp last September. After the G.A., the guests attended a Serendipity party whose honorary sponsor was the Mauritius Economic Board.

On May 11, the CEMA welcomes H.E. Mrs. Anna Bossman.

On Tuesday May 10th, Isabelle Berro-Amadeï, Government Counsellor-Minister for External Relations and Cooperation, received, during a lunch organized at the Hermitage Hotel, Mrs. Anna BOSMAN, accredited Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Ghana by H.S.H Prince Albert II. The next day, she was welcomed at the Yacht Club by Frédéric GEERTS representing the Club des Entrepreneurs Monégasques en Afrique -CEMA-, for an informal meeting and future perspectives.
H.E. Mrs. Anna BOSSMAN, has acquired a great experience in the oil, gas and energy sectors and in particular in legal practice. She was, from 2011 to 2017, Director of Integrity and Anti-Corruption at the African Development Bank. Ambassador of Ghana to France and Portugal, she is also Ambassador and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO and OECD. H.E. Mrs. Anna BOSSMAN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Ghana.

On April 27, CEMA is organizing a forum on investment opportunities in Mozambique.

CEMA took advantage of the "Mozambican Business Days", organized by Mr. Christophe BECKER from 26 to 28 April, to set up a very concrete forum within the Association of Consuls of Monaco. The objective: to consider investment opportunities in Mozambique: gold, minerals, new energies... there is no shortage of resources! Many personalities from Maputo (the capital of Mozambique), including Mr. Cobus van Wyk, President of African Lion Gold pic, were invited to these discussions at the Automobile Club de Monaco. The Monaco Economic Board was of course present in order to evaluate the economic opportunities and possible actions to be taken to develop bilateral economic ties between Monaco and Maputo.


Organized jointly with the Monaco Economic Board, the objective of this mebinar was to take stock of the relations between Madagascar and Monaco and to discuss the opportunities for their economic development. Although the country still suffers from a high level of poverty, it has a wealth of mineral resources, an extremely high agricultural potential, competent human resources and the implementation of a digital development plan which should contribute to its growth. For example, it is the world's leading producer of vanilla, and an important player in the production of precious stones, nickel, cobalt and oil. Monaco has strong links with Madagascar, notably through support from the Monegasque Cooperation in the fields of health, socio-economic integration, education and food security.

No less than 10 speakers shed light on the formidable potential of this country, interviewed by Ms. Frédéric GEERTS (President of CEMA), and Denis RUYANT (Secretary General of CEMA):
  • ​H.E. Olivier Hugues Rija RAJOHNSON, Ambassador of Madagascar in Monaco and in France.
  • Cyril JUGE, Honorary Consul of Monaco in Madagascar.
  • Edouard BERSON, General Manager of the Ascoma Group's subsidiary in Madagascar.
  • Emmanuel COTSOYANNIS, Secretary General of the Malagasy Association of Capital Investors and Managing Director of the impact fund Mariakap.
  • Frédéric DALMASIE, Managing Director of the Agricorp activity (Vanilla&Epices) of Monaco Resources Group.
  • Guy FOKA, President of the International Commission of the Groupement des Entreprises de Madagascar.
  • Véronique PERDIGON, General Secretary of Axian Group.
  • Serge RAJAOBELINA, Administrator of the Sahanala Group of Organic Agriculture.
  • Thierry-Marie RAJAONA, President of the Groupement des Entreprises de Madagascar. 
  • Lisiniaina RAZAFINDRAKOTO, Director General of the Economic Development Board of Madagascar.

In order for this mebinar to lead to concrete entrepreneurial projects in favor of the development of relations between Madagascar and the Principality, a follow-up committee has been created, accessible by e-mail : info@cema.mc

Here is the mebinary :

March 22nd, 2022 : Signature of a Framework Cooperation Agreement between Monaco and Madagascar

On the occasion of her working visit to the Republic of Madagascar, from March 26th to April 2nd 2022, Isabelle Berro-Amadeï, Government Counsellor and Minister for External Relations and Cooperation of the Government of Monaco, signed the first Framework Cooperation Agreement between the two States on Monday March 28th.

Through the Department of International Cooperation, the Government of Monaco has been supporting Madagascar for some twenty years by supporting projects in the fields of access to decent work, education and child protection, food security and health. Since 2009, more than 20 million euros of Official Development Assistance have been allocated by Monaco to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country, ranked 8th out of 180 countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. ​

December 2021: Webinar with the Republic of Djibouti

On December 7, in partnership with the MEB, CEMA organized a Webinar on the economic situation of Djibouti and possible trade with this country. In addition to the two Honorary Consuls, Mrs. Jordana Remon Coubeche, Honorary Consul of Monaco in Djibouti & Mr. Jean-Jacques Robin, Honorary Consul of Djibouti in Monaco, Mr. Youssouf MOUSSA DAWALEH, President of the CCD (Djibouti Chamber of Commerce), Mr. André MASSIDA, Chairman of MASSIDA LOGISTICS (one of the oldest Djiboutian groups in the logistics and services sector, also established in Ethiopia), Mr. Régis BARRIAC, Director of BCIMR, a subsidiary of BRED, discussed with members of CEMA and the Monaco Economic Board various topics related to the economy and finance in Djibouti:

- The new players active commercially in the Horn of Africa, and the positioning of Europe
- The modalities of incorporation of a company, and more globally, the modalities of corporate governance
- The most attractive European economic sectors
- The advantages of the Port of Djibouti
- The typology of the banking sector
- The management of the Sovereign Wealth Fund
 For more information, here is the video:

October 2021: EMAC at the General Assembly of the European Business Council for Africa

Mr. Denis RUYANT, Secretary General, represented the CEMA at this meeting. Many concerns were raised regarding development aid, international rules and regulations that do not allow European companies to invest in Africa under any circumstances, nor to grant subsidies to those who export and whose risk is not covered. On this occasion, a presentation of the objectives and agenda of the 7th EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF22) was made. Focusing on "building stronger value chains for sustainable growth and decent jobs", the Forum will be held in Brussels, in parallel to the Africa-EU Heads of State and Government Summit on February 17-18. The EABF22 is jointly organized by the European Commission and the African Union Commission, as well as European and African business organizations.
Please find attached the minutes of this GA.

​October 21st, 2021: The CEMA meets His Excellency Mr. Ernest NIYOKINDI.​

His Excellency Ernest NIYOKINDI is Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Burundi in France, Spain, Portugal and MONACO. Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, UNWTO, EIB and OIF. He met with Mr. Frédéric GEERTS, President of CEMA, and Mr. Denis RUYANT, Secretary General and Founding Director of CEMA, under the auspices of the Monaco Economic Board. This meeting was a good omen for the development of relations between the entrepreneurs of Burundi and the Principality of Monaco.

​October 2021: CEMA at Monaco Business

CEMA, partner of the Monaco Economic Board, represented by its President Frédéric GEERTS , was welcomed by Mr. Guillaume ROSE and Mr. Justin Highman , respectively CEO and DG of the MEB , to a working lunch within the framework of the Monaco Business Fair, in the presence of H.E. Mr. Laurent STEFANINI, Ambassador of France in Monaco, Mr. Mathieu SCHUSTER, his Adviser, Mrs. Muriel DEYA, Head of the Monaco Customs Office, and Mr. Pascal LAGARDE of BPI France , in charge of the development of the European and African economies .

​October 14TH, 2021: The CEMA meets with two new Ambassadors accredited to Madagascar - Gabon..

S.E. M. Olivier Rija Rajohnson, Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire de la République de Madagascar ; S.E. Mme Liliane Massala, Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire de la République Gabonaise, entourant M.Laurent Anselmi. @MichelAlesi Direction de la Communication.

H.E. Mr. Olivier Rija Rajohnson, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Madagascar, has worked for nearly 40 years in the private sector in various fields (banking, fruit export and tourism). Permanent Adviser to the Prime Minister in the late 1980s, he was Minister of Water and Forests from 1997 to 2002 and then Director of Cabinet at the Presidency from 2011 to 2014. In 2020, he was appointed Ambassador and accredited to France and to the Holy See.
H.E. Mrs. Liliane Massala, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Gabon, has worked for the economic and social development of Gabon by creating the Franco-American Academy of Management, the International Institute of Advanced Education and Training for training in digital professions or the Christine Bahati Foundation for the welfare, health and education of youth and women. From 1987 to 2012, she served as Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to the President of the Gabonese Republic before being appointed Secretary General of several Ministries from 2012 to 2020. Appointed Ambassador in 2020, she is also Permanent Representative to the International Organization of the Francophonie.
During these meetings, which allowed to strengthen the links in view of possible joint actions, the CEMA was represented by Ms. Johana HOUDROUGE, Vice President and Mr. Jean-Marc PORCEDDU, Treasurer


​September, 2021 : Monaco Resources Group welcomes CEMA members to the Columbus Hotel.

For the quarterly Cocktail of the Members of the CEMA, organized on September 20 Axel FISCHER, President of Monaco Resources Group, was pleased to present his company to the members of CEMA. Monaco Resources Group is an international natural resources company. Its diversified asset base encompasses metals and minerals, agribusiness, energy, infrastructure and logistics, and finance and investments. Headquartered in Monaco, with decision-making offices in London and Luxembourg, Monaco Resources Group is present in over 50 countries and employs over five thousand people.

September 2021: CEMA with the Monaco Economic Board on an economic mission to Antwerp.

A fruitful trip to Antwerp, the main Flemish metropolis, the second largest port in Europe and the world capital of diamonds, organized by the CBL-ACP (CEMA's partner club) and the MEB, under the aegis of the Embassy of Monaco in Belgium and with the help of numerous partners on site.
The main part of the program took place in the port of Antwerp, the second largest in Europe. Welcomed by the port authorities, the delegation had the privilege of visiting several of the facilities of this immense infrastructure. Amongst these, Euroports, a subsidiary of the Monaco Resources Group (represented by its Chairman Axel FISCHER and Frédéric PLATINI) owns several terminals: an ideal place to symbolize the new economic relations between the two territories.
The CEMA, represented by its President Fréderic GEERTS, signed an agreement with the CBL-ACP (Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture - Belgium, Luxembourg, Africa, Caribbean, Pacific).           See attached "Joining Forces" agreement
The delegation also discovered the Antwerp World Diamond Center, an exclusive location through which all diamonds processed or sold in Antwerp transit, namely 86% of the world's rough diamonds and 50% of its polished diamonds.
In addition to the executive of MRG, were also present for the CEMA: Mrs Johanna HOUDROUGE (Vice -President), Mr Thierry BOUTSEN, Mr Ameur CHIHA around Mr Frederic GEERTS & his wife (see photo)

August 2021: The CEMA participates in the Rencontres des Entrepreneurs de France organized by the MEDEF.

At the initiative and invitation of Mr. Philippe ORTELLI, President of the FEDEM, the CEMA represented by its President Mr. Frederic GEERTS and its Secretary General Denis RUYANT attended the first edition of the Economic Summit of the Francophonie.
The first day was dedicated to the Economic Francophonie, with debates of funds and personalities coming from 4 continents, and 31 countries. This historic edition gathered more than 8,000 visitors at the Hippodrome Paris Lonchamp: a great opportunity to share moments of conviviality and exchange around the community of entrepreneurs. It was an opportunity to meet the Malagasy delegation, and in particular the President of the GEM (Groupement des entreprises de Madagascar) ahead of the next Madagascar Webinar.

Monday 5th July 2021: "Breaking News" Members cocktail

Mme Hilde HANEUSE, Mme Johanna HOUDROUGE, M Frédéric GEERTS, Mme Patricia HUSSON, M Denis RUYANT, M Jean-Marc PORCEDDU 

As part of the closing of the first semester, the members were invited on Monday, July 5th in the Villa of our "Honorary President" Patricia Husson

Mr Frederic Geerts, President, took over the actions undertaken during the first half of the year highlighting a sustained pace and in perfect coordination with the Monaco Economic Board and the Fedem.

Events planned for the second half of the year were presented:

  • September 20th : Cocktail "Breaking News" Members organised by Monaco Resources Group
  • October 12th : CONSUL MEBinary "Collection CEMA" - Kenya
  • November (tbd) : COUNTRY MEBinary "Collection CEMA" - Madagascar
  • December(tbd) : Conference-Debates Agricultural sector
  • January (tbd) : Cocktail "Breaking News" Members
  • February (tbd) : CONSUL MEBinary "Collection CEMA" - Djibouti

In the "Breaking news" session, Mr Frederic Geerts informs the attendes of the change of name of "Rothschild Martin Maurel" in "Rothschild & Co Wealth Management Monaco", as well as changes in the governance of Monegasque entities and its development role extended to other entities & business lines of the R&Co Group.

Thursday 24th June 2021 : Conference - Debates with Mr Zyad Limam

CEMA, in partnership with the Monaco Economic Board and the Federation of Monegasque Enterprises, welcomed Mr Zyad Limam, Founder of AM Magazine and International Political Journalist.

Holder of a master's degree in political science and a master's degree in international relations, owner of Afrique Magazine, journalist and speaker on many news channels such as France 24, LCI or Arte, Zyad Limam shared his vision and experience of the Continent.

The topics addressed, health management demography, education, training, dependence and independence from foreign powers allowed the economic actors present to have the knowledge of Zyad Limam and to exchange with him on the issues related to trade with the African continent.


Wednesday 7th March 2021 : MEBinary « Collection CEMA »

"Ivory Coast economics & opportunities analysis"

Associated to MEB and FEDEM, CEMA offered a video conference highlighting Ivory Coast, its strengths and opportunities
With a 2.7% increase in its GDP in 2020, despite the economic and health conditions, and a forecast of +8.7% in 2021, Ivory Coast offers considerable assets that have been detailed by the following speakers:

  • Hervé Husson : Ivory Coast Honorary Consul in Monaco, ASCOMA Administrator
  • Jean-Marie Ackah : Monaco Honorary Consul in Ivory Coast, President SIPRA
  • Philippe Ortelli : FEDEM, President
  • Adnan Houdrouge : MERCURE INTERNATIONAL, President
  • Koné Dossongui : ATLANTIC FINANCIAL GROUP, President
  • Jean-Louis Billon : SIFCA, Administrator

conference link :


Wednesday 17th March 2021: Members Lunch "Breaking News"

Business Lunch & networking at the Automobile Club of Monaco.

In addition to the usual networking, Mr Hervé Husson, Administator, had the opportunity to present the developments of one of the founding companies of CEMA, the ASCOMA Group.

ASCOMA Breaking news:

Chedid Capital has acquired 80% of Ascoma’s capital from the Husson family, which retains 20%, confirming its wish to remain involved in the future of the network. Completion of the takeover of Ascoma Insurers Consulting by Chedid Capital Holding took place on February 24, 2021

With the acquisition of Ascoma, Chedid Capital becomes the leading insurance and reinsurance brokerage in Africa and the Middle East. The new complex will represent $1 billion in premiums managed, 40 subsidiaries on three continents and 1,300 people.

Hervé Husson said: "Thanks to this operation, the Ascoma group is strengthening considerably in terms of size, additional technical skills and is acquiring a new dimension. My family is very happy to remain a shareholder of Ascoma and the partnership with Farid Chedid and his teams.

This allows us to continue to participate, at his side, in the writing of a new important page and to maintain this precious link that we have with all the directors and collaborators of Ascoma, as well as our attachment to the African continent. I am convinced that the project embodied by the new President, accompanied by a strengthened management team, is extremely promising for the future of the group and all its employees while remaining faithful to its family spirit and corporate culture.”

Wednesday 24th february 2021 :MEBinary « Collection CEMA »

"Tunisia economics & opportunities analysis"
First of our consuls to be honoured, Mr Ameur Chiha, General Honorary Consul of Tunisia in Monaco and Executive President of Monaco Logistique

Under the aegis of FEDEM and the MEB, this video conference was devoted to a country with particularly strong economic ties with the Principality: Tunisia.

    Ameur Chiha: General Honorary Consul of Tunisia in Monaco and Executive President of Monaco Logistique
    Slah-Eddine Bensaid :  General Honorary Consul of Monaco in Tunisia - CEO of SCET Tunisie.
    Anis Jaziri : Economic Council of Tunisia Republic President - Co-founder of Tunisia Business Council Worldwide.
    Moez Joudi : Président of" l’Institut Tunisien des Administrateurs" -  General Manager of Formapro SA.

conference link:


Friday 22 january 2021 : MEBinary « Collection CEMA »

"Business situation in Africa & Competitive Positioning of Europe and Monaco"

Under the aegis of the FEDEM (Federation of Monegasque Enterprises) and the MEB (Monaco Economic Board), which specifically created the MEBINARY collection CEMA, took place a videoconference with a prestigious interlocutor in the person of Mr Etienne GIROS, President of the European Business Council for Africa and the Mediterranean (EBCAM) and President Delegate of the French Council of Investors in Africa (CIAN). This group includes 170 companies that account for nearly 80% of France’s economic activity in Africa.
Our speaker was able, for more than an hour, to share with us his informed analysis of the business climate on the Continent and answer the many questions of the participants.

conference link :


Wednesday December 16, 2020, APPOINTMENT OF NEW OFFICE

At the end of seven eventful years, Mrs. Patricia Husson, Honorary President of CEMA passes the baton to Mr. Frédéric C. Geerts, new President.
During a reception dedicated to members at the Monte-Carlo Bay, Mr. Geerts took the opportunity to present his new Office:
Frédéric C. Geerts, Founding Director, Chairman
Johanna Houdrouge, Administrator-Founder, Vice-President
Denis Rouillard, Founding Director, General Secretary
Jean-Marc Porceddu, Treasurer
Hilde Haneuse Heye, Humanitarian Projects Manager
President Mr. Geerts with the support of his Secretary General Mr. Ruyant took advantage of this meeting to present the 2021 agenda.
This ambitious program that consists in one event per month that will involve both face-to-face meetings as well as webinar events.

Thus are already planned :
  • An event end of January, in collaboration with the MEB (Monaco Economic Board) and the FEDEM (Fédération Patronale Monégasque) with as its theme "Business Climate in Africa" ​​and the participation of Mr. Etienne Giros, President of Conseil Européen des Affaires pour l'Afrique et la Méditerranée (EBCAM) with which the CEMA will be associated in 2021.
  • Three events that will see as their main host a Consul (Monaco-Africa). The first of which, in February, will be hosted by Mr Ameur Chiha, Consul of Tunisia in Monaco and active member of CEMA for years.
  • Three “Country- webinars” with major economic players from the targeted countries. First country will be Ivory Coast, in March 2021.
  • Four events will be dedicated to the members and will illustrate an inventory and market outlook of each of the affiliated companies
  • A trip on an “Economic Mission format” ... when the current health environment will allow it
At the end of this very peculiar year (2020), our OFFICE wishes you Happy Holidays and assures you of its full commitment in order to make 2021 a year rich in events and success
on the 16th December 2019,

we were warmly and warmly welcomed by Aurum for our end of year cocktail. Beyond our reunion, it was an opportunity to learn more about their company's activities and to taste champagne embellished with gold nuggets.

on the 18th of November,

a conference call was organized by Johanna Houdrouge, in the presence of Helina Bischoff, Deputy Managing Director of the Swiss African Business Circle (SABC) and Denis Rettant. This was done in order to present our associations and discuss the opportunity of a collaboration on the same basis as the one we have with the CIAN. A project was then proposed in December which will be submitted to the SABC board.

on the 29th October,

a lunch has been organized in presence of Patricia Husson, Denis Ruyant and Diego Bonavantura, Director of the Monaco Chamber of Commerce in order to further analyze our common actions and to determine those that will strengthen our cooperation. The CEMA is very pleased to have the support of the MEB that has led to the introduction of new candidates as members of the CEMA as well as various contacts. The meeting with the Benin ambassador in July was also at the initiative of the MEB.

on the 3rd and 4th of October,

Denis Ruyant represented CEMA at the Choiseul Business Forum in Nice, a major event dedicated to Africa, bringing together leaders and heads of state: 485 participants, 110 speakers, 49 countries represented and 20 round tables. The classic themes were discussed: Education, health, investments, digital but also a focus on culture and female entrepreneurship. Our participation in this type of Forum reinforces the idea that the Principality of Monaco has an excellent image and link to African authorities and entrepreneurs. It was also an opportunity to see Mossadeck Bally and Arnaud Lagesse that showed, once again, an attentive eye to our activities.

on the 26th of September,

the members of CEMA participated to a conference, “Smart Cities: Economic and ecological issues”.  They were invited by the Rosemont Group. This conference tackled the subject of SMART CITIES that was addressed by their specialist Damien Concé, and presented to the ambitious project of NOVA TERRA Mauritius. It was followed by a nice lunch cocktail.

on the 11th of September,

an event bringing together our members around Etienne Giros, Deputy President of CIAN who informed us of the recent news relative to CIAN. He also delivered his analysis on the main areas of development of the African continent, what in his opinion are its opportunities and its risks. He underlined the increasingly powerful competitive environment of this continent. The multiple and passionate debates that followed Etienne's presentation showed, as usual, the important interest we have in these meetings.

on September 10th,

Patricia Husson, Etienne Giros, Deputy President of CIAN and Denis Ruyant were received in audience by HSH Prince Albert II in order to present to him the CIAN as well as the CEMA-CIAN association. An invitation was also extended to him in order to present his Foundation during a CIAN event in Paris bringing together a forum of French and Monegasque entrepreneurs. It was with great pleasure and honor that we have received a positive response from HSH Prince Albert II.

on the 23rd of July,

Patricia Husson and Denis Ruyant meet His Excellency Mr. Auguste C. Alavo, Ambassador of Benin in France and in Monaco, as well as Mr. Maxime Ntia, his First Counselor. After presenting the CEMA, we agreed on the interest of strengthening the co-operation between Beninese and Monegasque entrepreneurs.
A working session was then organized the 11th of October in which Denis Ruyant was introduced to with Mr. Albin Feliho, President of the “Confédération Nationale des Employeurs du Bénin”, so that he would enlighten us on the development priorities of Benin and in order to coordinate the actions to be followed.

Wednesday 15th of May,

Salons of the Hotel Hermitage Monaco: second member cocktail party and Saviu / Penta Advisory Management presentations.

Warm atmosphere for the gathering of the members of CEMA for our second member cocktail party organized at the Hermitage.

Our sponsors, the Monaco Economic Board and the Federation of Monegasque Enterprises were also present and we had the great pleasure of welcoming Franck Biancheri, former Government Advisor and Minister, Vincent Lozza, as well as Benoît Delestre and Gaetan Husson, directors of the investment fund Saviu - sagesse -, in Corsica.

This was the opportunity for Benoît Delestre and Franck Biancheri to present their respective activities.

. Saviu Ventures is a venture capital investment vehicle dedicated to sub-Saharan Africa. Benoit’s team is made of specialists in the continent's digital issues, whose knowledge of local markets makes Saviu an ideal player to identify and support startups capable of shaping the African digital ecosystem.

. Penta Advisory Management is a multi-family office whose objective is to offer optimized services, in terms of financial advice, portfolio management and asset management, to clients who are very often business leaders, entrepreneurs who take risks on a daily basis, but wish to protect their assets.

Animated discussions followed these two presentations. They undoubtedly underlined the interest that arose among our members and that will probably be the prelude to new business opportunities.

Tuesday 14th of May,

Château de la Solitude, Brussels, participation of CEMA to the General Assemblee of our partner CBL-ACP
CEMA had the honor of being invited to the GA of our partner, the Belgo-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.
Patricia Husson, Frédéric Geerts and Denis Ruyant went to Brussels on the 14th of May 14. They were warmly welcomed by Guy Bultynck, President of CBL-ACP and Thierry Clays Bouuaert, the Vice-President, in the majestic setting of the Château de la Solitude, on the edge of the “Forêt de Soignes” in Auderghem.

After the introductory speeches, a cocktail intended to promote networking followed thus allowing many fruitful meetings with CBL-ACP members, as well as other actors active in Africa, in particular representatives of regional export aid: AWEX (Wallonia), FIT (Flanders), HUB (Brussels), around twenty African ambassadors, a few ministers from Chad - the country of honor - as well as a strong economic representation of Mauritius - cf. our mission of November 2018.

It was also an opportunity for CBL-ACP and our association, CEMA, to express a mutual interest to soon organize concrete actions that will strengthen our partnership.

Friday the 15th of March 2019,

Salons de l'Hôtel Hermitage Monaco: as a follow-up to the 2nd meeting of the Bilateral Commission between Mali and Monaco, the MEB and the CEMA organized an economic meeting, reinforcing the already well-established relations.

(photos will follow).

In partnership with the management of External Relations and International Cooperation, an event followed by networking - was held in the presence of H.E. Mr. Gilles Tonelli, Government Advisor to the Minister for External Relations and Cooperation, H.E. Mrs. Kamissa Camara, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Mali, Mrs. Patricia Husson, President of CEMA, Diego Bonaventura, Director of Monaco Chamber of Commerce as well as the Honorary Consul of Monaco in Mali and successful entrepreneur, Mr. Mossadeck Bally. Forty-four institutional and private sector representatives were able to discuss investment and business opportunities in this country which, despite a difficult context, saw its GDP grow by 5.3% in 2017.

Some members of CEMA and MEB are already active in Mali and with the Malian delegation composed of young and dynamic companies, the discussions focused on investment opportunities and synergies in various fields: agriculture, energy, infrastructure, minerals, and refinery.

In 2012, the MEB carried out an economic mission to Mali to accompany an official visit by H.S.H. Prince Albert II. Since then, exchanges have continued in a relationship of trust. Africa is Monaco's leading export partner, outside of Europe, with 116 million euros in 2017.

Sunday 4rth of November 4 to Wednesday 7th of November 2018:

fourth International Mission of the CEMA, in Mauritus

Tuesday 2nd of October,

Salons de l'Automobile Club de Monaco, Evening event involving the CEMA and Honorary Consulate of Tunisia in Monaco

This event was a nice initiative of the Honorary Consul of Tunisia in Monaco, our friend Ameur Chiha, and of his daughter Leila. The two managers of the family company “Monaco Logistique” www.monacologistique.mc and members of CEMA, had invited the Monegasque entrepreneurs in Tunisia in order to meet their counterparts of CEMA. Some introductory speeches were given by Ameur Chiha and Johanna Houdrouge-Karrit, respectively member of the CEMA Board and administrator of the family group Mercure International. Mr. Fehmi Mili, General Delegate for France for the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency - FIPA, presented the Tunisian Investment Code. This presentation was given in the presence of Mr. Kamel Ben Hassine, Consul General of Tunisia in Nice/ Monaco. Among more than 50 participants, the questions that followed were numerous and relevant. The theme of the presentation largely contributed for productive and informal conversations during the cocktail that followed up.

For more information: please write to info@consulat-tunisie.mc

Wednesday the 4th of April,

Salons de l' Automobile Club de Monaco, CEMA / Management of International Cooperation Monaco / Sciences-Po Menton:

After the presentation by the Secretary General of CEMA, Frédéric Geerts, the Director of International Cooperation of Monaco, Bénédicte Schutz highlighted the main axes of the key “stress-points” of the Department of External Relations, detailing them in three priority areas : health, education and socio-economic integration. From 2015 to 2017, the “Aide Publique au Développement” - APD - of the Monegasque Government reached 37 million euros, 83% of which were managed by the Department of International Cooperation. This amount represents 1.02% of the Monegasque State's revenue. He explained that the aid allocated by the DIC is devoted to the most underprivileged countries. The countries of the Africa continent receive the big majority of interventions: 68% in comparison with the 26% in “Maghreb” and Mediterranean countries. Emergency humanitarian aid has not been forgotten, with an allocation of 1.7 million euros. For the next three years, APD should reach 55 million euros, with an increase in direct aid to actors in the South and the integration of a new area of intervention: food security.

The Monegasque DIC carries out its projects in partnership with public and private entities, such as the Pasteur, Pierre Fabre and Apprentis d'Auteuil Foundations and Institutes, as well as investment and solidarity finance groups, the most prominent of which is “Investisseurs & Partenaires”, headed by Jean-Michel Severino.

CEMA and Monegasque DIC discussed the possibilities of a cooperation, in conjunction with the second guest of the morning, Bernard El Ghoul, Director of Sciences-Po Menton. Under his leadership, since 2005, the Menton Campus has clearly become international, with its 300 students, one in two of whom is foreign. Menton is an undergraduate campus, the third year of study is spent in one of the 470 partner-universities, with the possibility of obtaining a double degree in for example, Berkeley, Columbia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. For the past 10 years, Africa has not been left behind: there are already 29 partner universities, including Cape Town and Dakar as well as a network of 600 alumni, former students of the campus in Menton. A connoisseur of Africa and the Middle East, Bernard El Ghoul is delighted with the opening of the first Sciences Po Representative Office in Africa, in Nairobi.

The members of the three entities then continued their sharing of knowledge and experience of Africa over an aperitif and lunch in the Salons of the Automobile-Club de Monaco!



Tuesday 13th of March,

Salons de l'Automobile Club de Monaco, CEMA welcomes Jean-Michel Huet:

Partner at Bearing Point, Jean-Michel Huet came to review and discuss in exclusivity with the members of CEMA the main points of his book "Le Digital en Afrique, ou les 5 sauts numériques", published by Editions Michel Lafon. It is as an initiative of Etienne Giros, President of our partner CIAN that this book inaugurates the new collection "Les Cahiers du CIAN":


Presented by Denis Ruyant, our speaker then analyzed and deciphered Africa's lead in digital transformation. Starting from almost nothing, the African continent has been able to leapfrog other continents. It has achieved 5 leapfrogs - 5 digital "overtakes" in all sectors of the African economy: telecoms, mobile financial services, e-commerce, e-government, and collaborative platform economy. Today, Africa already has 850 million cell phone subscribers!

"Africa is a digital laboratory," says Jean-Michel Huet. Digital technology allows access to daily services that were previously unattainable. Let's mention for example financial services on cell phones: transfers, payments, micro-credit, micro-savings. In this field, Africa is the world's largest market, ahead of Asia. Other fast-growing services include the digitization of civil registrations, e-learning, online sales and remote medical diagnosis; not to mention information and exchange platforms for the agricultural sector.
These are not virtual perspectives, but rather concrete ones, which fueled conversations between members over an aperitif followed by lunch in the Salons of the Automobile Club de Monaco.

Film “mission CEMA à Dakar”, directed by Johanna Houdrouge Karrit, Mercure International

Adnan Houdrouge, Mercure International: "Senegal is a country of the future”

Adnan Houdrouge, the vice president of CEMA- “Club des Entrepreneurs Monégasques en Afrique”-, and President of MERCURE INTERNATIONAL stated this Wednesday 25th of October 2017, that "Senegal is a country of the future". The Monegasque businessman of Lebanese and Senegalese origin is of the opinion that Senegal has an important human capital to exploit.

Speaking from the sidelines of the international mission that takes place from Tuesday 24th to Friday 27th of October of the CEMA, in the Senegalese capital, Adnan Houdrouge, at the initiative of this mission, said he was happy to accompany the Monegasque delegation of the  “Club des Entrepreneurs Monégasques en Afrique”-, association created three years ago.

"We said to ourselves that we would create a club so that Monegasque entrepreneurs really invest in Africa and not only say that we are going to do business," said the President of Mercure International.

He then added: "that they should invest their people, their finances and settle down in all African countries. As my family has been present in from Dakar since 1904 and we consider ourselves to be real Senegalese, this is what justifies my action and my devotion to the continent.

I am proud to bring the Principality of Monaco to Senegal and to make known that Senegal has a business potential with the Principality of Monaco which is a door on the Mediterranean".
According to Adnan Houdrouge, Senegal has known difficult times and better times "but today I believe in this country for reasons firstly emotional, then by conviction. I think that Senegal has an enormous capital, which is its human capital. Senegal is strategically well located in the geography of the world economy," said the Senegalese businessman whose love for Senegal is palpable.

3rd International Mission of CEMA: Dakar welcomes 25 Monegasque entrepreneurs in Africa

The Senegalese capital is hosting since Wednesday the third international mission of the Monegasque Entrepreneurs Club in Africa.

This meeting of entrepreneurs and businessmen in Dakar, will allow the various actors of the private sector to exchange about investments and establishment of companies in the country.

Created around three years ago, the CEMA has as its mission to bring together Monegasques companies who have the majority of their business based in Africa. The objective is to create common business opportunities, via common interests and synergies between Monegasque and Senegalese companies.

"Every year we organize an economic mission in a country of the African continent to exchange with the local companies and the local economic actors" says the organizer of this business meeting, Johanna Houdrouge - Karrit in charge of the Legal Department of General Council.

At the end of the inaugural session of this Wednesday, several guided tours in some local companies and gala dinners are on the menu of this meeting which will end this Friday with the hope of creating new business opportunities between Senegal and Monegasque companies .

Mass distribution, insurance, oil logistics: Monegasque investors plan to step up their activities in Senegal

Since October 24th, the members of “Club des entrepreneurs monégasques en Afrique” (Cema) have arrived in our country. Attracted by the country's stability and an attractive business climate, they decided to intensify their activities in the field of mass-distribution, insurance, banking and logistics relative to the oil industry.

After Kinshasa and Abidjan, the “Club des entrepreneurs monégasques en Afrique” (Cema) has chosen Dakar for its third international mission. Since the 24th of October, the Monegasque investors have arrived in Senegal and have had several meetings. “We are drawn to President Macky Sall's vision with the PSE as well as the stability of the country which has a long democratic tradition, an attractive business climate and excellent human resources. ", confided, yesterday, Frédéric Geerts, Secretary General of CEMA. During this mission which ends, today, the delegation of 19 members had a work-session at the Dakar Chamber of Commerce which enabled several presentations and official meetings with key players in politics but also in socioeconomics. Then, the present members had B2B meetings with emblematic Senegalese industrialists and traders. They had the possibility if visiting important companies such as the Grands Moulins de Dakar and the Dakar city shopping center, Patisen. According to the secretary general of the club, the members of this organization operate in sectors such as finance, insurance, mass-distribution, auditing, consulting, telecommunications, oil and gas logistics. "This international mission has enabled us to intensify our relations, particularly in import-export. There is also a dynamism of synergies, "said Frédéric Geerts. As a result of the mission, he said that members of the “Club des entrepreneurs monégasques en Afrique” have decided to intensify their activities in mass-distribution, develop the insurance and banking sectors. Sectors such as telecoms and logistics in oil and gas are not to be outdone. “With the discoveries of oil and gas, investors will need significant logistical support,” he underlined.

The chairman of the board of directors of KPMG Senegal (a member company of Cema) - Mr. Ndiaga Sarr states that our country has an open administration that works enabling investments. He then continued by saying, that whenever the opportunity presents itself, the Apix explains all the efforts made by the government to make the business climate attractive and guarantee investments. Cema brings together Monegasque companies active in more than 45 African countries. It has 17 member companies. It aims to strengthen links between its members, exchange experiences, information and good commercial practices. Aliou KANDE


After Kinshasa and Abidjan, CEMA is heading for Dakar, from the 24h to the 27th of October 2017:

April 20, 2017, My Way 2 Monaco:

Following the CIAN that was held in February 2016 was signed today our second membership agreement with our counterpart CBL ACP, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Belgium Luxembourg Africa Caribbean Pacific www.cblacp.be.

This membership agreement is the joint initiative of Frédéric Geerts, Secretary General of CEMA and Thierry Claeys Bouuart, Vice-President of the CBL ACP. It was signed by the two Presidents, Mrs. Patricia Husson, CEMA and Mr. Guy Bultynck, CBL ACP. It is important to note that were also present Philippe Ortelli, President of the FEDEM, Fédération des Entreprises Monegasques, one of the co-Sponsors of CEMA (as well as Michel Dotta, President of the Monaco Economic Board) and ... owner of My Way 2 Monaco, which warmly hosted our event.

March 17, 2017, Lounge of Hotel Hermitage, Monte-Carlo:

meeting with a Delegation of Mauritius Board of Investment


March 15, 2017, Lounge of Hotel Méridien, Monte-Carlo :

CEMA's presentation by Patricia Husson to the world Committee of Women Business Owners from the world over. Then BtoB organized by CEMA's Partner, Monaco Economic Board, presided by Michel Dotta.

October 24-27, 2016,

CEMA, Monaco's fiedgling business club, naturally choose Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to celebrate its second anniversary and to host its second international mission!

September 14, 2016,

Lounges of Automobile Club de Monaco, CEMA celebrates its second anniversary !

May 4th, 2016,

Lounges of Novotel Monte-Carlo, the CEMA receives Dr. Noël K.Tshiani. The Director Resident of The World Bank in Africa came to present to the members his most recent work: The Strength of the Change, to build a Country more beautiful than before, published April 2016 – Editions du Panthéon. In his Opus, Dr. Tshiani is made the avocado of a true Marshall Plan for the Democratic Republic of Congo.