CEMA has links with 45 African countries

Member companies have subsidiaries in more than 25 African countries

19 active members

including 5 founding members

1,6 billions €

Africa turnover

5000 employees

dedicated to African Market

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An initiative of thought and action of entrepreneurs from Monaco in Africa

The Monaco-based companies behind the Club of Monegasque Entrepreneurs in Africa (CEMA) and their directors each have a regular and long-established relationship with Africa. They operate in 45 countries across the continent. For each of these sixteen companies, Africa is a key market, and in some cases represents the core of the company's business.

CEMA was created with the support of the Federation of Monegasque Businesses (FEDEM) and the Monaco Economic Board (MEB). The idea behind its creation was to recognise the long-standing links between its founding members and the continent – the "DNA" that these five companies share.

Our role is to :

  • Strengthening these links,
  • exchanging experiences, information and good business practices are the objectives behind the creation of EMAC in Monaco in May 2014.
  • more broadly, this initiative of reflection and action by Monaco entrepreneurs in Africa promotes the organization of bilateral events around leading African personalities who will share their vision of the Africa of tomorrow.

Our actions

They are diversified, essentially materialised by the organisation of events and country missions in partnership with the Monaco Economic Board, the French Council of Investors in Africa, the Belgo-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and ESCAM.

In addition, since 2022, Monaco's Africa Day, in partnership with numerous European institutions, the Government of the Principality, the Monaco Economic Board and the Federation of Monegasque Companies, has become a must.