• Par Richard
  • 17 octobre 2022


Frédéric GEERTS, President of CEMA, attended the General Assembly (GA) of EBCAM on 17th October in the EBCAM premises in Brussels.

During the GA chaired by Etienne GIROS, the members of the various African chambers and clubs reported on their 2022 activities carried out with the support of EBCAM. It should be noted that Etienne Giros was present at the Africa Day organised by EBCAM on 29 June.

The members agreed to take an active approach to the European Union in favour of a more direct aid mechanism (support, guarantees, etc.) to the private sector, in the context of investments in Africa.

Photo caption :
EBCAM : E.Giros , President , A.Spachis, Secr.General , P. Marchis, Coo
CIAN : P.Sevaistre - CBL ACP : G.Bultynck, President - Afrika Verein : C.Kannengisesser, President...