Wishes of the CEMA

  • Par Richard
  • 01 janvier 2023

Wishes of the CEMA

The EMCS received its members and partners during a nice lunch at the Yacht Club of Monaco.

Mr. Frédéric GEERTS, President of CEMA, unveiled the programme for the year 2023, while insisting on the success of the first "Africa Day", which was "sold out".

Here is the programme elaborated with CEMA's partners: MEB and FEDEM.

  • 6 to 9 February: mission to Djibouti, with a dozen companies from MEB and CEMA.
  • Mr. Frédéric GENTA invites CEMA to the Ministry of State around 8 March.
  • On 20 March, thanks to Mr. Patrick LECOY mandated by EDB Mauritius to organise the EDB Mauritius day, a CEMA / Mauritius lunch is proposed.
  • April: reception of the Moroccan Consul in Monaco, Mr Willy de Bruyn, with the aim of a trip to Morocco next year.
  • May: under the leadership of Mr. Denis RUYAN, organisation of a Benin seminar.
  • 14 and 15 June, CBLACP/CEMA/MEB mission to Belgium.
  • early July: members' cocktail.
  • September: intervention of a speaker who is a business leader of a pan-African multisectoral group
  • 19 October: Africa Day (date to be confirmed), with the European Allied Chambers
  • November: Nigeria seminar
  • December: Malawi conference

New members are expected to join EMAC very soon: 

  • Dietsmann (maintenance in the energy sector)
  • Hinduja Monaco (international multi-sector group)
  • Mocoh Kher (export&trade)
  • a Monacotech company in medical imaging.